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Don't take our word for it. Here's what others thought of My Scar is Beautiful!

"I have read this book multiple times and I know it was written with the author’s daughter in mind and for other children who are self conscious about their physical scars. I have to tell you, though, that it speaks to a much broader audience than that. Every single page spoke to me in light of my recent car accident and I am not referring to my physical scars but to my emotional scars. Each and every page boosted my spirits and I intend to keep your book on my bedside table to read every single morning to give me the “ooomph” I need. Thank you so very much Caryn…. This book is the best medicine for me!"

Helene, car accident survivor

"My scar is beautiful" has had a significant impact on our family. My son is 2 and he has HLHS, he had is fontan surgery this past September. We took her book to the hospital with us and we had anyone who was caring for him leave a message or even just sign the book. We were able to have nurses and doctors who knew him from his 2 previous surgeries also sign the book. We absolutely adore this book and we wanted him to have all the messages to look back on as he gets older. We read him the book and all the messages every chance we get and I just wanted to say thank you for writing it!! 💙❤️"

Stacee, mom of CHD warrior

"As a pediatric physical therapist, I was very excited to see this book. I bought one for myself to check it out, and I loved it so much that I immediately bought more as gifts for my patients with scars. It's VITALLY important for all kids to read about kids who look like them. You can't overestimate how meaningful that is. I see it all the time with my young patients with disabilities. This book doesn't talk about scars in a negative way - it shows the GREAT things about having a scar. Having a scar shows you are brave, a warrior, a survivor, etc. What a fantastic idea! If you know a child with any type of scar I highly recommend this book. I have so far given it to two families and both times the parents teared up with gratitude, and the child loved the book. 10 stars!" 

B. Junkin-Mills, Pediatric PT

"This book is excellent for kids with scars. It teaches them how to turn negative comments or worries into strengths, and build a positive outlook on their unique mark. It inspires them to be proud, share their courage with others, and advocate for themselves. For kids without scars, it’s a beautiful reminder that we all look different and that’s ok. This text is authentic and relatable - a great book for any family looking to base important conversations about uniqueness and differences in a strong text. The illustrations of animals with scars are cute and catchy, and pairs well with the text. I highly recommend it!"

Vivian N., mom

"What a wonderful kids book with a great message- teaching kids that scars are nothing to be embarrassed of, but rather something to wear with pride. The pictures are adorable and my kids especially loved finding the scar on each of the animals. Highly recommend!"

Cam T., mom

"Caryn Shender has written an adorable book that serves to remind us all that beauty is found in true strength and that all people carry scars, visible or not. This is a perfect lesson for kids and adults, alike! Even better, my 6-year olds can read it themselves and love the cute illustrations!"

Jamie E. mom

"This book can help children accept and even honor themselves when they may differ from others. A perfect tool for any parent or adult who may want to help a child love themselves.."

Ed, grandfather of CHD warrior

It's so good and so sweet! It made our eyes water but it has the best message!"  

mom of CHD warrior

Each sentence in this outstanding children's book is as beautifully crafted as the artwork that accompanies it. The author delivers a meaningful message with each page, empowering children to view their scar as a badge of honor. "My beautiful scar reminds me . . . I can survive any storm that comes my way." This book is not just for  children. Teenagers and young adults could find strength in its concepts. It is not surprising to read that the author was inspired by travelling this journey with her own child.

Deby Eisenberg, author

We’ve had this book a couple months now and I still cry every time I read it to my baby. She had heart surgery at 10 days old. This will be one of my favourite books I’ve gotten for her and I hope she learns as she grows up how important her scar is.

Dana Dennehy, mom of CHD heart warrior

I just purchased this book to read with my 4-year-old daughter. She has a few sizeable, thick scars on her leg due to 4 surgeries related to a congenital limb deficiency. I have been looking for some resources to support the development of positive self-image as many people comment on her scars, especially in the summertime. We try to teach her responses that are empowering and that will build internal strength and a positive self-image. The first night I read this to her, she asked to read it through 3 times in a row! Later in the evening, I heard her playing with her toys and pretending to read the book to her dolls and she said "See, my scar uniques me!" (Cue the mom tears)! Self-image and representation are so important and this book really touched our hearts. I plan to share this with the parent groups for CFD/PFFD as well ! Our scars are beautiful and tell our stories! My family and I are genuinely thankful for this book!

Olivia Hammons, mom

Inspiring For Anyone With A Scar!

This book is wonderful! It's unlike any of the other CHD books we have. It's not a story about how one got a scar, but rather about being proud of the scar! My son feels more confident about his scar. The illustrations are adorable and so many people can relate! A must read for anyone with a scar!

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